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We are a non-profit founded in 1989 in Rochester, NY.

Practical philosophy enables individuals to lead richer and more compelling lives, as well as develop a deeper understanding of themselves, through regular practice and self-inquiry.

We support our members in many ways and don’t limit how we can help.



The Foundation of Practical Philosophy is staffed and cared for entirely on a volunteer basis by the school’s own students. The most current year annual report can be accessed here: 2016 Annual Report



The school emphasizes practical philosophy that can be used in everyday life. No prior experience or education in philosophy is necessary.



The school welcomes followers of all faiths and belief systems. Everyone is open to enroll in class.


No Exams

Lessons are conducted through open discussion. There are no written assignments or examinations.

The Grigg 2015 Trust

Cedric and Evelyn Grigg founded the School of Practical Philosophy in Rochester in 1989.  They moved to Rochester from Boston where they also founded a school.
 Prior to Boston, the Griggs were tutors in London, England at the School of Economic Science, also a school of philosophy.  

Through invitations, Cedric and Evelyn taught at many of the over forty philosophy schools around the world.  They are extremely well respected and loved by countless students in many schools, including the school in Rochester.
 Several Rochester students have had the privilege of having the Griggs as their
tutor for over twenty five years.

They are now in their eighties, living in California near some of their children and grandchildren.   They retired from the Rochester school in 2016.  We remain forever connected to them in mind and heart.  They always led by example leaving a legacy of model school leadership.  Their devotion and service to the school and students is truly amazing.  

To honor and support the Griggs, friends from the Boston School established a trust.  Anyone is capable of donating to the trust anonymously.  The trust assets are then available to the Griggs to support their living needs and health care.  

If you wish to contribute, checks should be made payable to “The Grigg 2015
Trust” and sent to:
Belmont Savings Bank
2 Leonard St.
Belmont, MA 02478

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