About Us

Foundation for Practical Philosophy, formerly known as The School of Applied Philosophy, is a non-profit adult education organization founded in 1989 in Rochester, NY.

The school aims to foster spiritual and practical knowledge by providing tools that can be applied to everyday experience. Our curriculum is influenced by the traditions of both Eastern and Western philosophy, especially the teachings of Advaita Vedanta, American Transcendentalism, and the Ancient Greeks.

Practical philosophy enables individuals to lead richer and more compelling lives, as well as develop a deeper understanding of themselves through regular practice and self-inquiry.

Foundation for Practical Philosophy


The Foundation of Practical Philosophy is staffed and cared for entirely on a volunteer basis by the school's own students. Current year annual report can be accessed here: 2016 Annual Report


The school welcomes followers of all faiths and belief systems. Everyone is open to enroll in class.


The school emphasizes practical philosophy that can be used in everyday life. No prior experience in philosophy is necessary.

No Exams

Lessons are conducted through open discussion. There are no written assignments or examinations.